Historical Threat Data collected by PFMonitor
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This data has been collected from many networks across a wide geographic area, Some from Datacenters, Some from Large Remote Networks, etc.
We are cataloging it for posterity, and so we can see how the threat levels change over time. We collect massive amounts of data which these reports are built on.
Any given report may be based on 10-40+ million threat records depending on its scope.

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[DIR]24-Hour Attacks per Network Anonymized/10-Feb-2017 09:56 -  
[IMG]266114fe8763ba6840f574a79246fe14.png16-May-2017 10:23 58K 
[DIR]All-Time attack Totals per Network/10-Feb-2017 09:57 -  
[DIR]Misc Reports/28-Feb-2017 12:11 -  
[DIR]Monthly Reports on Daily Attack Totals/10-Feb-2017 09:12 -  
[DIR]Worst Offenders List/13-Feb-2017 13:19 -  
[IMG]d45ef97477437f135383e21b943a115a.png16-May-2017 10:23 56K 
[IMG]ef4793c1d61142bffff0888744a8f822.png16-May-2017 10:23 49K 
[IMG]port-445-trend.png16-May-2017 11:00 38K 

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