Public Projects
PBXMonitor for 3CX
Central Backup for 3CX
Black Knights Special Projects is dedicated to working on various Cyber-Security and Information Technology related projects!

Besides our own projects, We are also available for contract based projects as well, provided they fit into our realm of expertise.

If you would like to make such an inquiry, drop us a line at: [email protected]

Our Disciplines include:
Computer Forensics
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessments
Ethical Hacking
Secure Coding
Linux Administration
Firewalling & Networking
Business Continuity Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster Recovery Simulation(To Test Recovery Plans)
Incident Response Policy & Planning

We can also mentor your staff with the above disciplines.

Our team has 34 Certifications, which we can provide documentation of on request.
Ideas are Bulletproof!